Rakoo Casino

Rakoo Casino is the type of online casino you don't notice on first glance. It looks plain and doesn't advertise many of its features. From personal experience, that doesn't mean the casino isn't good. Many of our favorite sites don't look impressive at first. Find out the important details about this casino and judge for yourself if it's a worthwhile gambling platform.

Bonuses for High Rollers

The welcome offer seems small at first, but it's worth up to $6,000 in bonus cash. We weren't impressed by the 100% deposit match offer that makes up the welcome bonus. High rollers may like this offer though. If you're planning to make a large deposit when joining the casino, the welcome offer will reward you more here than it would at most other casinos.

The Site Rewards Long-Term Players

There's no sense in joining the site and leaving soon after. The best perks come from playing on the site over time. There are continual promotions, loads of new games, and an evolving casino that only increases the perks it offers to its players over time. Remember to stick with the platform if you want to be rewarded

Choose From More than 1,000 Game Options

With access to many games, you'll find more options you like. This is why we love the site's library which contains contains more than 1,000 separate games. With so many games to choose from it's easy to find interesting options to test. It only takes a few minutes to start searching through the many games to learn about options that may interest you. Rakoo has one of the best game filters. This filter makes it simple to find games that matter to you. Use the filter and locate the best games with the theme and style you want.

More Software Providers than Most Sites

There are 49 different software providers at this one casino. That's more software companies in one location than you'll find at most casinos. Many of the companies aren't well-known, but you should see at least a few options you've heard of before if you have experience gambling online.

Excellent Navigation

A modern casino should be simple to navigate. Rakoo is optimized with a side navigation bar and a game filter system. Use these two features to locate the best games and to use all the different features of the platform without looking for anything.

Join and Play in Moments

Registering to start at this casino is a simple process that can be completed in minutes. Select the register button, add your details and you're done. Once you have an account you must download the casino software, but once you do you're ready to start playing.

A Download-Only Casino

Downloaded software is necessary to play this site. That makes it feel old compared to the many sites that run in web browsers. If you don't like this aspect of the website you should consider joining a different casino instead.

Test Play the Games For Free

Stop paying to try new games you aren't sure of. Instead, use the test play system at a modern casino to play them for free. After you try hundreds of games you'll know the ones you like best and which ones to avoid.

Rakoo Casino is a well-rounded casino. The site is equipped with an enormous game selection. We respect this platform and other gamblers will too. Create an account on the site and you get immediate access to some of the best gambling tools available today.