Rakoo is a new online casino we've only just learned about. The site looks stunning and features a mix of over 1,000 casino games. We can't say whether it's worth joining at a glance though. We're looking at the site's games and each of the features offered. Learn what games are available and how to use them on this gambling platform.

Games From 59 Companies

Enjoy more than 1,000 games from 59 separate companies at Rakoo. With so many different development companies bringing games together, it's tough to choose which games you like. The list of options to choose from seems endless, but the website offers useful filtering features. Sort by the development company, the game type, and more while sifting through options to decide what to play. The simple filtering tools make it easy to find the option you want to use.

Slots and Table Games

The majority of the games available are slots, but there are dozens of table games too. There are classic slot games with few paylines and a simple symbol selection. The platform has more advanced progressive jackpot slots and video slots with large numbers of paylines and advanced features. As far as the table games go there is poker, blackjack, roulette, and most other standard games to select from.

Live Dealer Games

Players interested in a more interactive play experience will be curious about the live dealer games offered instead. Live dealer games have a dealer that handles the cards for extra interaction. With live dealer games, you'll feel like you're gambling at an online casino.

Megaways Slots

If you aren't familiar with them, Megaways slots are special games that create a huge number of ways to win as you play. They start off giving players an already good opportunity to unlock prizes with something like 1,400 ways to win, but as the game progresses and features unlock it's possible to have more than 100,000 possible ways to win. Megaways slots are available at Rakoo and they can result in huge prize-winning combinations. The games pay prizes quickly and incorporate unique features that aren't available in traditional slots.

Regular Tournaments to Enter

Tournaments at a casino create a chance to battle other players. Regular casino games force you to play against yourself or the computer, but tournaments give you the chance to test yourself against gamblers at the same casino. If you're competitive there is something special about entering an online tournament and testing yourself against the other players.

Download for PC or Get Apps for Mobile

Most modern casinos are optimized to run in a web browser. This site is designed to be experienced through downloaded software instead. You must download software to play on a PC and there are iOS and Android apps available for mobile gameplay. The software design used at this casino means there are more compatibility issues here than at the sites that run in a web browser, but it's still simple to begin playing using most modern devices.

Rakoo offers a game selection that's good enough for most gamblers. If you join the site you're sure to find several games that you enjoy playing there. You must test the gameplay features yourself to determine if the platform is right for you or not, but with games from 59 separate providers it's easy to see the value offered here.